Fraud crimes cover a wide variety of offenses. Fraud can be something as simple as illegal use of a credit card to serious federal crimes such as securities fraud.

A conviction for a fraud crime depends on the ability of prosecutors to prove you intentionally lied and/or used deceit to take something of value from someone else.

If you are charged with fraud, you could face severe penalties. You need the expertise of an experienced Fraud Charge Defense Attorney. James R. Owen and his team have the knowledge to defend you and get you the best possible result in court.

Typical fraud crimes include:

  • Mail fraud, where someone uses the postal service to defraud.
  • Wire fraud, where someone uses telephones, computers or other electronic devices to defraud.
  • Bank fraud, where someone uses means to receive money or assets from a bank or other financial institution, or when a person tries to obtain money from a bank’s depositors by falsely pretending to be a bank or financial institution.
  • Embezzlement, where someone entrusted to safeguard funds fraudulently takes personal property, money or misappropriates money.
  • Mortgage fraud, where a buyer provides untrue or misrepresented information in order to qualify for a loan or a seller/agent misrepresents the value of property to extract more funds.
  • Securities fraud, where someone in a position of financial knowledge or authority, makes misleading statements about the company’s stock performance or discloses confidential information related to its stock.
  • Insurance fraud, where someone performs a deceitful act with the intent of obtaining improper payment from the insurer.
  • Health care fraud, where someone files dishonest claims in order to receive improper funds.
  • Money laundering, where large sums of money gained through criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or other serious activity, are made to appear that they originated from a legitimate source.

All fraud charges carry serious penalties. If you are found guilty, you could face fines and/or years in prison.

James R. Owen is a Fraud Defense Attorney, who has successfully represented a wide range of clients and will use his knowledge and experience to fight for you.  


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