“White collar” is a term used to describe a wide variety of crimes that are committed through deceit and motivated by monetary gain.

The most common involve credit card fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, tax evasion, insider trading and money laundering. Prosecutors will try to prove that you committed an illegal act with criminal intent

James R. Owen is experienced in white collar criminal defense and will make sure you have the best defense. If you face charges, contact his office immediately. As your defense team, we will research your case and present evidence as to the circumstances and alleged cause of the crime. The charges may be mitigated if conditions such as duress, impairment, incapacity or entrapment can be proven. If there is reasonable doubt, you would be acquitted.

If you are convicted, penalties can range from fines to home detention or prison time. You could also be required to forfeit property or money, pay court costs and restitution.

Computer fraud, bankruptcy fraud, insurance and health care fraud are some of the most common offenses, along with telemarketing, credit card and mail fraud. In some cases, victims are threatened or bullied by “scammers” in order to create fear that they may be harmed if they do not pay money or subscribe to real or fabricated services.

More serious crimes involve attempts to defraud government agencies, such as public housing, programs to secure government contracts, bribery, and collusion among contractors or double billing. Securities fraud, anti-trust violations, money laundering and the counterfeiting of money or goods can also be prosecuted as federal crimes.

Public officials can be prosecuted for corruption if they are accused of breaching or abusing the public trust by asking for or agreeing to receive something of value in return for granting a “favor” while performing official government duties.

Contact James R. Owen if you have been charged with a white collar crime. He and his team have the experience to defend you. They are well versed on federal criminal law and will draw on their knowledge and courtroom experience to create the most impactful strategy possible for your defense.


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