Insider trading charges can be filed when people who have access to nonpublic information about a company unfairly use that knowledge for financial gain.

Securities Fraud is a complicated legal issue and requires the expert knowledge of an Insider Trading Attorney. James R. Owen has the experience to analyze the facts and present a solid defense for you.

Insider trading occurs when a person with confidential information about a company’s finances uses their information to decide if they should buy or sell stock before the public has been informed of the same information. This usually applies to company executives or employees with access to financial details.

Insider trading can also involve misrepresentation or false information about the stock market or a particular company, where the accused intends to drive up stock prices for personal financial gain.


If convicted of insider trading, you could face civil and/or criminal penalties. Among other factors, the courts will assess the following in determining the sentence:

  • The scope of the crime: the number of people victimized.
  • Financial gains: the amount of money gained by the insider’s crime.
  • SEC rules: if broken, the Department of Justice may be called in and more severe criminal charges could ensue.


If you are charged with Insider trading, the government has unlimited resources to accumulate evidence to prosecute you. That is why you need a lawyer with a proven track record in winning cases of Securities Fraud.  

James R. Owen is an experienced Insider Trading Attorney and he will use his expertise to provide the best possible outcome for you.  


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